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Unlike many in the web hosting industry, we do not practice what is called "overselling." Overselling is a common web hosting practice in which the host sells more space and bandwidth than their server can handle. Some customers do not use the full allotment of space or bandwidth they are allowed each month, so it enables the unethical web host to fit more sites on a server than recommended. In theory, this should not be an issue. But, what tends to happen is the server gets bogged down with heavy users and, as a result, it becomes unstable and unreliable for all users. Think of it like an airline that has 200 seats available on their airplane. If the airline knows that on a given day 20 people will miss their flight on that plane, they may sell 220 tickets on the plane. This becomes a huge problem if everyone shows up, as people will have to be turned away. Overselling of web hosting is the electronic version of the same practice. It can work for a time, but it can also lead to unstable sites, downtime, and lost data. We choose to not oversell, as we want each client to get the full performance, space, and bandwidth they pay for. We do not believe it is ethical to tell clients that they have sufficient space available when they actually have less space available due to the web host overselling its server space.

We also do not partake of the common practice of taking ownership of your domain name when you host with us. Many web hosts will take over your domain when you transfer to them, effectively holding your site hostage with their hosting service. Should you choose to move to a new web host they may charge transfer fees in order to permit the transfer. In some cases they may not allow the domain to move from their service at all, and should they go out of business you could completely lose your domain name! We do not own your domain, website, or content. We do not claim ownership, do not hold domains hostage, and will allow you to change web hosts at any time, without hidden charges or fees. Simply put, we treat you the way we would want to be treated (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31).